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Jul 01, 2013

In a recent ASP.Net MVC3 project, I had a requirement to allow for uploading of any file to a shared network drive and then, on the flip side, downloading of that file directly through the browser (this was an intranet application). I won’t get into the details of uploading a file to a network drive […]

Mar 12, 2013

Download from What does this plugin do? This plugin adds a checkbox option to the “edit user” screen in the WordPress admin that, when checked, will force a user to change their password the next time they log into their account. The end user’s “change of password” experience is very simple and clean. When […]

Feb 07, 2012

Download from What does this plugin do? Use this plugin in your WordPress site to place a weather forecast for any US location in a Page, Post, or within a sidebar. Instructions Installation Download and unarchive the plugin folder. Place the uncompressed weatherspider folder in your wp-content/plugins directory. You should end up with up […]

Mar 03, 2011

Download from What does this plugin do? Winning. Install this plugin and four things will happen: You will replace the boring Hello Dolly quote in the admin section of WordPress with a much less boring random quote from Charlie Sheen. You will have a widget that you can add to any sidebar that displays […]

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